Crawler Notes

Crawler Notes

Organize your life with virtual sticky notes


  • Easy to create notes through hotkeys
  • Lots of customisation options for notes


  • Requires a Crawler account to synchronise

Very good

Crawler Notes is a useful sticky notepad that reminds you of any important event, meeting or task without wasting real paper or having sticky notes cluttering your desk.

The program is best utilized when used with the online notes available at and Crawler Email. Doing this means that you can access your notes wherever you go - just simply upload your notes to your webmail and then download it to another computer with Crawler Toolbar installed. Crawler Notes also operates very discreetly as you can can make it invisible by toggling it's appearance with a hotkey which you can define in the settings tab. To create a note, you can also define a hotkey which allows to write a note or you can also paste data directly from the Clipboard into the newly created note. Each note can be customized individual with different colours and parameters. I also liked the fact that you can search by keyword for notes you have made as it's easy to lose track once you've made several notes. However, I couldn't find any way of instructing the program to alert me when an appointment or meeting is due although in fairness, it's not supposed to be a personal organiser like Outlook.

A handy little tool which will help you stay organised whilst also save the environment a little..

Never again forget important meetings, things to do, shopping lists, etc. With Crawler Notes you can create your own virtual Message Board right at your desktop and on your Webmail to help you remember important tasks.

Crawler Notes can become temporarily invisible and reappear upon a push of hotkeys set in Crawler Notes settings. Discreet, easy to use and always on hand - get writing your Crawler Notes today!

Crawler Notes


Crawler Notes

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